Black Kauri - Toffee 105g

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If you love licorice you’ll love molasses toffee. A perfect balance of molasses and cocoa creates a deliciously hard, yet smooth, chewy, texture.

Black Kauri molasses toffee is handmade in New Zealand from the best sourced ingredients and has a high nutritional content. A perfect balance of black strap molasses and 100% cocoa creates a deliciously hard, yet chewy toffee that doesn’t stick to your teeth.


  • blackstrap molasses - rich in iron and essential elements vital to the quality of the blood
  • 100% cocoa - known as ‘goddess of the seeds’, rich in essential elements that nurture the heart
  • sea salt - with 84 naturally occurring essential elements found in the oceans, vital to cell and organ function
  • butter - contains fat soluble vitamins and rare vitamin K2 involved in calcium metabolism (amongst other things).



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