Fix & Fogg - Everything Butter - 275g

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Fix & Fogg - Everything Butter - 275g

Fix & Fogg's Everything Butter is a nut and seed spread packed full of nourishing hemp, chia, sesame, sunflower, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds with peanuts and almonds. It’s crunchy, wholesome and 100% delicious. There’s nothing else quite like it. 

Hemp seeds are one of the only complete sources of plant protein with a full spectrum of amino acids, they are rich in omega 3 6 & 9 and full of essential vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: Hi-oleic peanuts (64%), almonds (7%), hemp seeds (5%), pumpkin seeds (7%), chia seeds (2%), sunflower seeds (9%), flax seeds (4%), sesame seeds (0.2%), sesame oil, sea salt.

This healthy spread works so well either sweet or savoury.  We’ve been loving it in smoothies, stirred into oats and also with sliced tomato on toast.