Summer Picnic - Bespoke Basket

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Cute little summer picnic in a basket. The perfect gift to treat those special friends.


- Zay Sol Basket  

- Wellington Chocolate Factory "Coffee Milk Chocolate" 75g  & "Raspberry Milk Chocolate Bar" 25g 

- Bloomsberry "Chocolate Pineapple Chunks" 

- The Four Saucemen "The Chicken Rub"

- Apostle Hot Sauce "Spicy Smoked Barbecue"

- Six Barrel Soda "Raspberry & Lemon" Syrup 500mL

- Divinity "Pomegranate & Balsamic Jelly 

- The Baked Dane "Original Knaekbrod" Crackers 

- Wild Fennel Co. "Pocket Pepper"

- East Bali Cashews "Sweet & Spicy" Cashew Nuts 35g

Some products may differ due to stock available at time of order