Wildness Chocolate

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Organic Wildness Chocolate Bar - 70g and 40g


Plain Chocolate with Cupuaçu 

Cupuaçu is ponounced "Ku-poo-ah-soo", although it could alternatively be pronounced "De-lish-us". Organic dark chocolate 57% with Cupuaçu bits. Smooth yet flavoursome.

Dark Chocloate With Cupuaçu Acai Dipped

Organic dark chocolate 57% with Acai dipped Cupuaçu bits. The Cupuaçu and Acai grows together in the forest and we make a juice on the farm and bath fresh Cupuaçu in the Acai juice.


Pure dark is a blend of cacao beans, rich enough, delighltfully smooth to surprise the chocolate lovers. No dairy, no nuts, no gluten.

Dark Chocolate With Bee Pollen

Harvested by wild bees in the pristine South Island, these colorful pollens sparkle amongst tiny crushed dark cacao nibs to give natural and invigorating chocolate a delicate crunch. A great collaboration with POLLENNATION in Nelson.

Dark Chocolate with Sesame

When Brazil meets Middle East it becomes a pure crispy bliss. Sesame Seeds caramelised with the flavoursome cupuacu fruit in a rich dark smooth chocolate.

Dark Chocloate With Cupuaçu and Coconut

Pure Dark Organic chocolate with Cupuacu and Coconut