Welcome to the Elements "At Home" online store

Nestled within Elements Lyall Bay, in a beautiful old building (circa 1925) in Wellington, is our "At Home" store.  Here we’ve curated a selection of wonderful products from around New Zealand.

All are made by passionate artisans and boutique suppliers who are creating things we love. We trust that you will enjoy discovering them as much as we have.

  • Summer Time!

    Summer Time!

    A Summer Smoothie

    With summer on my mind, I thought I’d share a smoothie I’ve been enjoying this week that contains hemp seeds. These little beauties are something I’ve only just discovered...

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  • Wildness Organic Chocolate

    Wildness Organic Chocolate

    A Social Enterprise

     I first met Marie Monmont from Wildness Organic Chocolate over 5 years ago when we had a Brazilian chef named Freddie in our kitchen.  Marie came in with some dried fruit for Freddie to try, hoping he would recognise what it was...
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  • From Our Home to Yours

    From Our Home to Yours

    A Little Bit of Old and Something New

    During the early days of the COVID-19 lockdowns we began to refine what was really important to us.  For us it always comes back to enjoying real food, made by hand. No pretences, no preservatives, no additives...

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